Information Content Management Group

The Information Content Management Group (ICG) is a Permanent Working Group of UN/CEFACT (Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) with the mandate to take all the steps necessary to ensure the release of quality technical specifications for e-business.

The mandate identifies the overall objectives of the group, its key deliverables and any delegated responsibilities that it may have.

The purpose of the ICG is to ensure that all technical specifications (UN/ECE recommendations, business requirements specifications, directories, libraries or repositories, core components, syntax specific implementations (such as UN/EDIFACT, XML, etc.) are released in accordance with the approved procedures and are to the highest quality level.

Specific work items include:
  • Business Requirements Specification (BRS)
  • Requirements Specification Mapping (RSM)
  • UN/CEFACT Registry
  • UN/CEFACT Code Recommendations
  • UN/CEFACT Audit

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